Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello my darlings. I wanted to shoot off a small blog to let you know why I have been so very quiet. I've been ill. My husband, who is lucky he is still alive with his perky assed self, decided to share the ick with me. So I caught the flu and strep. At once. As if that wasn't enough I decided to one up it and get pneumonia as well. So I'm trying to get better my dear ones so that I can get back to chatting with you all and writing.

Until later dear ones.

Stay safe, stay well and live life to the fullest!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello my darlings! How are you all doing today? I am doing MARVELOUSLY! Today is the release of my new book, Ares: Gods of Old Book 1, and I'm so stinking excited!!

So, on that vein of things I would like to hold a giveaway! That's right my darlings. I want to give you something back!


Here are the rules...

1. Have read the book
2. Comment below on your favorite part
3. Be my friend on Facebook
4. Share this promo / blog to as many people as you can
5. Friend me on Twitter

That's it!! Oh, and there will be cake!!

The prize? So glad you asked!! It's a really cool prize. Enter via Rafflecopter here!

One of my wishes came true with this new book, and now I wish to give you six wishes that you can make come true...